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Sermon podcast is done for the week, and here it is:

This week’s intro and outro were at a point that I just had to say, “I’m okay with that,” becuase I’m forgetful and as I was leavin the church on Sunday, I thought to myself, “I’ll leave the TRRS adapters here so I have them on Sunday…”

After church my forethought and intelligence are…strained, I suppose it a nice way to put that.

I’m still figured out the best way to record given the systems that we have in the churches, and this week was better audio-quality wise than previous weeks.  I guess we’ll keep going in the direction I’m going and see what happens.

Like last week, I put a painting up on the PowerPoint during the sermon, and I enjoyed this one a lot.  I’m not sure it matches the sermon, but it’s a great painting by Evan Yegon of the Triumphal Entry:


(His page on True African Art where you can buy things!)  Again, I reuploaded so that it doesn’t burn anyone else’s bandwidth.

If you are a pastor and think this might be something you might want to do (or think this is the dumbest thing ever), drop me a note and let me know.  We could have a great number of sermons each week available to anyone, including your parishioners that can’t get to church but have access to the internet.  Just a thought.

With that, reflect on Christ’s sacrifice this week, and look forward to the celebration of his ressurection this Sunday.

– Robert

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