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I started back up my preaching podcast (now called “Frank Preaching”) and I have 3 new episodes up now!  I’ll add these to the podcast archive that I have on this here website, and of course on this posting:

So I know this isn’t for everyone, and I’m self-deprecating humble enough to know that my preaching isn’t the end all, but I think this could be a thing, and I would love if other pastors would join in!  If you think this might be a thing you’d be interested in, let me know!  I can put it together if I have just the raw audio of your sermons (or a video with pretty decent audio).  Comment, message me on twitter, e-mail me, just let me know that you might be interested.

Oh, and yes, I’m working on the audio.  I’m in a weird state of trying to figure that part of this out.

– Robby

P.S. Edit: Oh yeah, links would be handy:
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