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EXCITING NEWS!  If you smoke meat for hours and hours and hours, it tastes delicious!

I bought the smoker absolutely so I could smoke small things (smoked pork chops = heaven, smoked fish = better than baked and healthier than fried, smoked chicken = I’ll tell you when I finally get a chance to smoke chicken) but I really wanted to smoke big things.  Brisket.  Whole chicken.  Turkey.  The world is my smoking oyster.

The first on the list for this particular adventure is Pork Shoulder.  We start with chips.

Pork_Shoulder_1Half hour in water.  Not completely necessary to soak them, but they last longer if you do.  They also smoke slower, so your call.

Then mix up the rub.

Pork_Shoulder_3I’ll hit the recipe later, but his is what went into it.  The little plastic container is just salt and pepper that I had mixed up before and wanted to use up.  Put equal parts of these things in a bowl, and then equal parts dry spices and brown sugar, and you have something that looks like this:


Then you unwrap the meat!


And rub it…..I’m sorry, I’m really not trying for innuendo…in your endo…..should watch Scrubs again….

It should look kinda like this:


While all of this is going on, you should have the water in your smoker, the chips in your smoker, and have it turned on to warmed up to 210°F-250°F.  210°F is optimal, but I have a heck of a time keeping it here.


230°F will work.  Put your pork shoulder in with a thermometer and find something that you can do while watching the temperature so you don’t go crazy.  Leave it in there for 8+ hours.

And you get this:


Happiness, thy name was pork on Tuesday of last week!  It was really good!

Platted it doesn’t look half bad:


8 hours of smoking, 6 minutes of steaming in a bag right next to each other.  It was pretty darn good all around.

Notes on this:

* It would have benefited greatly from another 1-2 hours of smoking.  As is, it has the texture of prime rib (which was nice) but a little bit more fall-apart would have been good.

* Don’t start smoking thinking that you absolutely will have the next 9 hours free enough to watch it.  I ended up with an urgent visit in the middle and had to leave it in Nora’s talented and intelligent but wholly inexperienced with any sort of outdoor cooking hands.  A quick run-down of how to regulate the temperature and the propane smoker was enough to keep the temperature where it belonged.

* Don’t forget to put the potatoes in 1.5-2 hours before you are going to eat or you end up eating broccoli.  I love broccoli, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t match smoked pork shoulder well.

Sweet Smoking Rub

Equal Parts 5 Dry Spices:
Celery Seed
Anise Seed (my secret ingredient that gives it a different flavor)
Black Pepper
Chili Powder
Onion Powder
Two Parts Kosher Salt
Brown Sugar

1. Mix dry spices together.
2. Add equal part brown sugar to dry spice recipe.
3. Rub liberally on meat

It was darned, darned good!  Next time will be better.  And I’m smoking a turkey breast soon, which should be a-maz-ing!

To amazing food!
– Robby