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Irrelevencies(Or rather, I finally have the energy to blog)

Hey kids!  I know it’s been a while, I know I abandoned this blog that got me through some difficult times of discouragement, I know I haven’t drank a beer in 5 weeks, I know all of these things.  I’ve been distracted, and it makes sense because….


(I’ve had it for a shade over a month, but that’s only mildly important)

About 3 months ago, when I pretty much went on hiatus from blogging, I got a job working for a merchandise liquidator.  If you are keeping track, that meant I had 3 jobs.  When I took the third job, it was supposed to be a part-time gig with a flexible schedule; it became essentially a full-time job, still with the flexible schedule but working 30+ hours at one job, 5-10+ at the other, and spending at least 10 hours sermon writing and worship planning and then leading worship.  I had a job to attend or complete professionally 7 days a week.  If you are wondering if I got burnt out, the last post before this one was written on….July 9th.  Wow, that’s kind of depressing.  I kept up blogging for a couple of weeks with the job, but I just couldn’t keep up everything and this project of writing and such took a back burner.

But something amazing happened.  I attended a funeral with a good friend who was preparing to take a call in Indiana and we got to talking about the church she was serving as a student pastor of that she was leaving to take the call in Indiana and she asked what I was doing with my life.

2 Sundays preaching later and I took the position of Student Pastor of two little Presbyterian Churches in Eastern Iowa.  Around the same time my third job dissolved for a lot of reasons that I completely irrelevant to me and this blog.  So I went from pretending to be a camera man, doing a ton of eBay work, and preaching at a loving but poor church to serving half time at a church and pretending to be a camera man.

On a side note, that last Sunday in that church was one of the more difficult things I’ve had to do.  If they could have afforded to make me a half-time “pastor”, I would have stayed there for a lot longer time.  They allowed me to hone my preaching craft for 3 years, were super flexible with me, and loving beyond probably what my service warranted.  It was tough, but it was time for me to go on to something more demanding.

So now I am serving these two churches that are awesome, Presbyterian (a plus), and can offer me a house to live in.  Which brings up another question.

When I started the blog, Nora asked me what was going to happen to the blog title when we moved and got a place with a bigger kitchen.  I figured, if I was still working on the blog, I would change the name and make it fun.

Not relevant here.  The kitchen is better than a previous kitchen, has at least 4 times the cupboard space, and a double sink, but it is roughly the same size as the last one.  Mind you, the living room and dinning room are roughly the same size as the entire apartment we moved out of, so we aren’t as restricted and have a kitchen table, but the kitchen is still tiny and so the name can stay.

Looking forward, I did buy a beer to try that has been haunting me, I am making 3 kinds of tacos for our open house this week, and I really need to get back to writing on the “Sin Series” and posting sermon podcasts.  So I will drink the beer (maybe tonight), I will make tacos and post recipes, and something theological will appear here in the next few weeks.

I’m back, kids, I am delighted to have a new home and a new job, and life is good.

To blogging again, and returning to a project of love,
– Robby

P.S.: To answer the beer question that is probably on people’s minds, I’ve been trying to lose weight.  It’s been successful (and slow as it should be) but the one downside is that beer is empty calories and I don’t really have room for empty calories with my current weight loss goals.  But part of this blog, which really did get me through some dark times of discouragement, was reviewing beers and I do miss the beer, even if I can’t drink as much as I want.