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beerI anticipate that Nora will dislike 95% of the beers I buy.  95%.  Add “stout” to the beer, and that number quickly goes to 100%.  I just assume she’s going to dislike it.

So, when she asks to try a beer that’s practically black, I just assume I’m going to get the Bitter Beer Face from her.  I would place a considerable bet on it, and I wouldn’t get very good odds.

As I poured this beer, the head got a bit away from me and I was on the verge of making a mess.  She quickly got me a paper towel, took what was left in the bottle, and headed towards the kitchen.  There was a hair left, so she took a sip and something magical came from her lips.

Oooo, I like that!

Mokah1I know why. Chocolate. She tasted it immediately. It tempered the beer, making it something delicious for her.

I wish I could take credit, but I can’t.  Thank you, Southern Tier; you made a stout my wife likes.

Southern Tier Brewing Company Mokah

Appearance: Dark chocolate brown with a nice brown head.

Mokah2The body boarders on black but it has just that hint of brown, much like dark chocolate.

Scent: I am getting bitter/floral scent of balanced hops, a hint of dark malts, and a lot of cocoa.  I’m also smelling that this is a 10% beer; it doesn’t distract from the good scents, but it is present.

Taste: I may smell the alcohol, but I’m not tasting it.  I get the hops and malts that I smelled before, plus a decent amount of coffee.  It’s weird, Nora immediately tasted the chocolate but I’m not getting it real strong.  No matter, though; the taste is great, and definitely not hindered by the alcohol content.

Drinkability: It’s a stout, which brings it’s own challenges to drinkability.  That said, it isn’t super-heavy, it doesn’t taste insanely dark (more like dark coffee than dark beer), and the alcohol content is defied by the smoothness.

Quality: Yeah, this is a quality beer.  I mean, when you buy a beer like this, and pay for a beer like this, you expect quality and smoothness, but I’ve been burned before my expensive beers – and shocked by cheap beers.  I will say, if you rock the craft beers and like a little bit of unique, non-beer flavor with your beer, this one will not disappoint.

Overall: A quality, quality coffee stout.  One of the best (if not the best) that I’ve had.

Unbiased: A/A+.  It really is everything it’s supposed to be.

Biased: A.  It didn’t grab me by the neck and force me to love it, but I am quite taken with it.

Southern Tier’s website for Mokah

I remember a conversation I had about if beer should have fruit in it.  My friend Josh had a thought that the beer snobs could wrap their heads around:

What if the beer was brewed to have the fruit in it?  Not brewed to need the fruit, but that the fruit and beer worked together in harmony?

I know there are people who believe beer should follow the Reinheisgebot and allow nothing else, and for good reason, but I think that denies a wide line of beers and stifles creativity.  I think it is perfectly acceptable to make a beer with other flavors in it (or to be added to it at the time of consumption).  I may not enjoy those beers – most fruit beers make me desire to commit the sin of pouring beer down the drain – but there is nothing wrong with it inherently.  And, if it brings someone to the culture of quality beer, even better.

So try a coffee stout.  Add orange to your Blue Moon.  Enjoy the beer you enjoy.

Besides Bud Light.  Don’t enjoy Bud Light.

To the wonderful experience of my wife enjoying a beer!

– Robby