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jesusI’m trying to be a good blogger, not overly vulnerable and doing all of my writing with a positive spin (or at least an active, strong spin) but I can’t do that to start this.  I’m completely horrified of doing this.  I have told myself I’m a good preacher, I believe it most days, but to put sermons out there for the world to hear frightens me.  I hear myself speak in a recording and I want to curl up in a ball and cry.  I look at the sound waves and I see that both I do, in fact, swallow the ends of my sentences, and I’m very Shatner-esqe in my pausing.

So, in short, I’m horrified to do this.  But, as someone who needs to face fears instead of running away from them, I am going to start posting my sermons as an MP3 podcast of sorts.  I don’t plan to put it on iTunes or anything like that (unless it takes off) but I will be posting it here weekly.

Stop stalling, just post:

Scripture Passage: Luke 8:4-15

As always, comment away. Please. Pretty please, with sugar and a cherry on top.

To facing your fears….

– Robby

Edit: Added the scripture passage.  Because, you know, that’s important or something…