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Camera 360Hey gang!  So, in an attempt to make myself look more professional, I decided I needed a logo.  As I’ve got the art skills of a 3 year old, it isn’t very complex.  But, I must admit, I do, kinda, like it:

The New, Beautiful (kinda), and Practical Logo

The New, Beautiful (kinda), and Practical Logo

The colors match the colors of the website.  As it is now.  Which may change.  WHO KNOWS?!?

Okay, goofy bit aside, now to be serious.  Serious face on.  And go!

I apologize, I’m feeling that goofiness that comes when you want and need to be serious but fear no one is going to take you seriously.  I really would like to make a go at this, writing regularly and someday getting to a point where I can make some income from it.  This blog is how I am trying to work some of that out.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to monetize, maybe something I write will be able to be converted to a book, maybe a million different things.  If I want to make a go at it, I have to act like a professional and tell people, “I am a writer,” not “I am an aspiring writer.”

So there’s that.  Pass the word, share my blog, Tweet Me, Subscribe, etc., etc.

– Robby

Edit: So I also changed (again) the cosmetics of the posts.  As always, comments and criticisms welcome and encouraged.