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beerThe only person to actually comment on my blog asked me what my favorite beers are and I decided to (finally) comply.  Turns out, making this list was much harder than I imagined.  Favorite list with 11 brews; I think I mess up somewhere.  But these are the favorite.

Without further ado, my favorite beers, organized:

Robby’s Favorite Beers

Old Favorites:
New Glarus Imperial Weizen: This is the first beer that stopped in dead in my tracks. It was a random purchase, the first time I spent $10 on 4 beers, and worth every penny. Man, I wish this one would come back. It was so good.
Weihenstephaner Korbinian: My first doppelbock and still probably my favorite. It is just so delicious. If I had to call a style of beer my favorite, doppelbock would be it, and this is definitely a fine example of it.
Ommegang Three Philosophers: I don’t know why I love this beer so much; probably has more to do with the quality of the beer than the style. I’ve tried other Quadrupel Ales and this one is my favorite. Also, Nora likes this beer, so it always ranks up there for me.

New Favorites:
Victory Brewing Red Thunder: Holy crap, I hope this doesn’t disappear. I was so enthralled with this beer that I wanted to buy it again and Family Liquor didn’t have any more. If you find it, and you get the chance to try it, please do so; it’s worth every penny.
Gray’s Brewing Rock Hard Red: Not actually beer, but I really enjoyed it.  It goes down smooth, is sweet, and pretty universally drinkable by the non-beer drinkers I know.  If you are wanting to drink a Mike’s or Smirnoff but realize you aren’t in high school any more, this is a worthy and valid choice.
EKU 28: High alcohol, sweet, and German.  I just really enjoyed it.
Smith & Forge Hard Cider: Just ridiculously good cider.  There is a snob out there that is screaming because I like it but I can’t get over how good it is.

Trusted Brews:
Fat Tire: I’ve seen some hate on New Belgium and I’ve never understood it. Yes, it isn’t the craftiest of beers, they have grown beyond what some of the traditional “Craft Breweries” may be, but every time I drink Fat Tire, I enjoy it. There are definitely beers I enjoy more, there are beers that are better, but I know I can find Fat Tire most places and I know I will enjoy it. If you just want a good beer, Fat Tire will always fit that bill.
Blue Moon: If I see some hating on Fat Tire, I see 10 times as much on Blue Moon because MolsonCoors brews them. I like good beer, I enjoy the craft scene, but at the end of the day, I don’t care who makes the beer. If it’s good, I’ll drink it. I can get a Blue Moon out of more taps than most any other brew I fall back on and I don’t have to rely on drinking Bud if I want a drought beer. Hate on it all you want but it’s good beer no matter who makes it, beer snobbery be damned.
Spotted Cow: If I am in Wisconsin and I find myself at a bar (except maybe when in Milwaukee because Milwaukee), I drink Spotted Cow. It’s like they took everything that makes a good, general beer, and put a white label with a green cow on it. Not to say that other New Glarus brews aren’t amazing – I’m drinking something else from them as I type this – but Spotted Cow is always a solid, delicious choice. Every time.
Amber Bock: This is certainly not my favorite brew, and I would never actually buy this in a store, but for some reason, when I find it as the only option on tap that is palatable, I enjoy it. Many a great stories have been shared over a few pints of this; it’s on more taps than any other beer on this list and, as always, is preferable to any of the main brands of the big brewers.

This list should not be seen as exhaustive by any means; the beer I’m drinking right now isn’t on this list but it is quite good.  Like, going to grab a another one the moment I get done typing this.  These are just the ones that get drank a lot, really impressed me, or have had a lasting effect on my beer drinking life.

To good beer, good writing, and words I either made or spell check doesn’t recognize because they are too obscure,

– Robby