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beerLame title.  Hush.

So Nora convinced me that I needed to go to Buffalo Wild Wings after she got off work one night with her work friends.  That’s a late trip to eat spicy wings, so obviously we got Mango Habanero.  You know, can’t be adults about things.

Anyway, I got talk to the other couple that was there who are both beer snobs and we started sharing our favorite brews.  They a beer that sounded wonderful: a stout aged in bourbon barrels.

Beer?  Bourbon?  Combined?  Holy crap, that must be amazing!

IMG_1465Now, here is something that I did.  That sounds absolutely amazing, like Earth-shatteringly amazing.  So I built it up in my head and thought it was going to the best beer I had ever had.

And it wasn’t.  It was quite good – really good – and shouldn’t have been disappointing, but it was.  Like it was a 90% when I thought it would be 110%.  So I must say, take the review with a grain of salt; I think I’m fair, but some of my disappointment may shine through.

New Holland Brewing Dragon’s Milk

Appearance:  I poured this pretty vigorously and got just that small head.


Before I poured I didn’t see the alcohol content; I didn’t have to look at the bottle to know it was over 10% (11% is what the bottle said).

Scent: I’m smelling two things.  The first thing I got was that malty, dark scent of stout.  I got a bit of cocoa, a bit of the dark roasted malts, and maybe a hint of hops.  The second is alcohol.  I wanted to call it bourbon but it almost smells like vodka.  Not sure if I like that or not.

Taste: High alcohol beer.  It’s malty and sweet, and I like the flavor, but the alcohol distracts from it.  A lot.  I wish it was at about 8% but I think the bourbon barrel aging, aside from adding some great flavor, added almost too much alcohol to it.  I like it, but it’s almost too much.

Drinkability: Oddly enough, the alcohol hurts the flavor but almost makes the beer go down smoother and makes it feel a bit lighter.  I think I could drink more of these than regular stouts (though I would fall over MUCH quicker).  They do go down quite smooth.

Quality: Yup, it’s a good beer.  I wonder if they shot a bit far with the bourbon barrels, but it is a noble goal, a delicious beer, and high alcohol if that is your thing.

Overall: The alcohol content is too high for my tastes given the rest of the beer and distracts from the flavor that I am a huge fan of.  I would prefer if it was heavier, a bit less alcohol, and be less manly than it is.

Unbiased: A-/A.  It is a damn fine beer.

Biased: B+/A-.  I like it, the flavor is top-notch, and I love bourbon, but the alcohol is distracting from what I like.

Dragon’s Milk Website

To not building stuff up too much!

– Robby