Camera 360Hey friends!  Beer review coming either tonight or tomorrow (all depends on how long what this post is about takes me) for you to look forward to.  What I’m doing right now, starting as soon as I hit the publish button, is going through and trying to unify all of my cosmetic items in the posts.  I’m never quite sure how to handle graphics and pictures, and I certainly am not an accomplished designer by any sort of means, but I want to unify what the different posts look like.  This lesson from Blogging 201 got me thinking about what my brand is and how it looks.  “Beer and Theology, with a bit of Gluttony” sounds fine and all, but it isn’t a cosmetic brand.

I want a cosmetic brand.

The writing of this blog I got down – I think – but, like I said, I’m not a great designer. So, if you happen to enjoy the content but there is something off that you think I should change to make the website better, let me know so I can fix it.  I’m going through and fixing some stuff right now, trying to make things looks better, and hopefully, with some crowd-sourced opinions, we can make an amazing website.

OH, and though I’m small, I’d love other people to contribute if they are interested!  If you have a blog, or want to start one, and  would like to contribute to my blog – or you want me to contribute to yours – please say something and I’ll be down for that.  One of my favorite parts of healthy Christianity and healthy beer consumption is the community around it and making this site a community affair would be amazing to that end.

To improvements!

– Robby

Número Edit Uno: Now all of the beer posts look relatively similar.  If you notice a picture in a post that doesn’t have a link to it’s larger self, let me know so I can fix it.

Bearbeiten Nummer Zwei: And the Sin Series all look like they belong together.  And yes, I do have Google Translate up for kicks and giggles; what of it?

Upravit číslo tři:  And I’m supposed to be at a game in 3 minutes so cosmetic updates will have to continue after I get home.  Look for a beer review tomorrow probably.

Cuir Uimhir a Trí: Okay, so each post should have a picture in the corner.  If you notice something that looks odd or out of place, let me know.