Camera 360Okay, so I’m putting this out there again.  It is so good for my mental health to blog that I have to keep doing it.  Like, I’m amazed at just how much better I feel because I’ve written multiple times this week.  I just feel….good.

Venting to the world helps, too, but this is about motivating myself.

First thing, I was wandering around the WordPress website for methods to drive traffic and I came across this:

I'm part of Post A Day 2014

That’s my goal! My goal is to post daily (or at least Weekday Daily)! So, in honor of that, I’m adding that to the blog to motivate me to keep up with it. Motivation is good, and I like good, so there you go!

Another thing.  I love comments and sharing.  If you read something on here, and you like it, pass it around.  Something I’ve got to get used to, if I want any sort of success as an online writer, is asking people to share me, and so I’m doing that.  If you like what you see, share it around.  I have a $0 budget on getting my name out there so share, share, and then share some more.  And please, if you have a comment, post it here.  I love comments everywhere, and will never begrudge Facebook comments, but commenting here does me good in getting my name out.  So comment and share.

And complain when I don’t write.  Complain loudly and proudly.  Arm-twisting works sometimes for me.

To keeping motivated!

– Robby