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kitchenWe were outside, eating our delicious supper, and Nora looks at me and asks me the first theological question that completely silenced me and I had no answer to:

Do you think, when animals die, they are in heaven and look down at whoever is eating them?

Anyone? Anyone got an answer to that? Because I don’t. But I have an answer to this: finely chopped pork, seasoned with beer, and put into a bleached intestine is delicious.

So, Mr. Pig, if you watched us from heaven as we dined on your flesh, we thank you. Your death was not in vain.

Okay, to the cooking.  My goal tonight was to do as much as possible on the grill.  We currently are using the bottom and top of a vertical smoker for a grill.  It’s great, but not so handy for sauteing (the “e” stays in that word, come to find out) so part had to be done on the stove.  Everything else, grill.

CameraZOOM-20140521171300437Can you guess what is going on here without looking at the next two pictures?

CameraZOOM-20140521171314446For everyone who thought, “Hobo packs!” you are kinda right and that would have turned out better than what I actually did.

CameraZOOM-20140521171614088Grill hash browns!  It sounded like a brilliant idea.  I’ve done potatoes in a foil packet, so why not shredded potatoes?  It should work, right?

CameraZOOM-20140521171653162I mean, it looks right.  Should work….

CameraZOOM-20140521175859919It tried.  Don’t get me wrong, they were tasty, but we lost a 3rd to burning on one side, the other side just barely got cooked, and I wished I had just cut up potatoes like a rational adult.  BUT, if you want to try, here is what I did:

Grill Packet Hash Browns
1.5-2 Red Potatoes per person
1 Tsp Butter per 2 Potatoes
Aluminum Foil

Shred potatoes. Place 1/2 Tsp pad of butter on foil. Form hash browns over butter. Place 1/2 Tsp pad of button on hash browns. Fold foil together. Cook on grills for 30 minutes (15 each side) or on coals for 15-20 minutes (half on each side).

So that was a bit of a flop.  Maybe someone else can improve it and I can update at some point.  Anywhoo, I like onions that have been cooked to not taste like onions anymore and sauerkraut on my brats.  I’ve been known to boil in beer, but Nora isn’t a fan of that method.  So I thought I would saute!

CameraZOOM-20140521172043792I had about a 3/4″ thick slice of onion left from when I did an Indian dish last week so I split that, cut the parts in half, and separated everything.  I melted butter in a pan, put the onions with some sauerkraut in the pan, and splashed in some good beer (EKU 28 it what I had that I was drinking, and it was a good, if expensive, decision).

CameraZOOM-20140521172416265Put it on low and just let it go.  I was doing most everything outside so I didn’t have constant eyes on it but the grill is right outside the kitchen door so I could see if the house was burning down or not.  So I went in every few minutes, turned it, and just let it cook.

CameraZOOM-20140521175703074I forgot to take a picture on the stove but you can see how it looked from this picture.  The house smelled awesome, and when Nora was eating it, she was dumbfounded at how simple and good it was.  She called it “Heavenly,” I done good, I tell ya’ what!

Heavenly Brat Topping (Size Adjusted)
1/3-1/2 Vidalia Onion
3/4-1 Can Sauerkraut
3-4 Tablespoons butter for sauteing
3-6 Ounces Beer (Sweet and Flavorful, or whatever you happen to be drinking).

Melt butter. Add veggies and beer. Saute on low while you cook your brats. Have spouse swoon over your amazing cooking.

That’s three posts in two days. Hopefully I’ll keep it up. So look for a new post in 7 weeks ;).

To Mr. Pig up there in heaven, and the craftsmen at Fareway to formed him into delicious sausage,

– Robby