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beerTwo things should never happen.  One, I should never be let loose in a liquor store by myself.  Two, breweries shouldn’t have names that force me to buy things.  Original Sin Cider?  Who could possibly pass that up?IMG_1449

A rational, mature adult, that’s who.  Which is why I bought a six-pack!

It is an appealing label.  Until you look close at it and realize that is it in terms of information.  Except that this is bottled somewhere under the authority of somewhere else.  I was a bit worried, but that worry was unfounded.IMG_1450And that is a pretty cool bottle cap.

Original Sin Premium Hard Cider

Appearance: Nearly clear without color.

IMG_1453It took me two sips to figure out how to photograph it properly.  This photo is (almost) white balanced so you can see just how little color it has.  Now, in reality, that’s probably how most ciders should look, but it did surprise me a bit.

Scent: Apple Cider.  I didn’t get any hints of skunk or badness.  The scent is crisp, fresh, and slightly sweet.

Taste: Underwhelming.  It tastes good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s kind of weak in the flavor department.  There is a pleasant hint of dryness, a bit sweet, and a hint of apple.  That last one isn’t necessarily a compliment; the flavor should be stronger, in my honest and very likely flawed opinion.

Quality: Despite the weaker flavor, it is quite good.  The flavor, though subdued, isn’t tormented by it being cheap.  No skunk, no odd flavors, just crisp, clean, subtle cider.

Drinkability: It does go down pretty smooth.  I could see myself drinking a few of these easily.

Overall: Good.  I think other breweries have put out better offerings in terms of flavor, but this may be the cleanest and crispest cider I’ve had.  I’m not sure if that is a positive or a neutral for me, but it is true.

Unbiased: B+/A-.  A bit more apple flavor and this would probably be my favorite.

Biased: B.  Same thing; I just wish it had more taste.

Original Sin’s page for the Premium Hard Cider

O, how I love cider.  O, how I love cider.  O, how I love cider because it loves me, too!

Yup, just parodied a hymn to be about booze.  To being a heretic!

– Robby