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Okay, so the title has nothing to do with the beer.  I was just trilled to be able to drink a beer outside while grilling some burgers.  It has just cooled off enough to require a jacket, the burgers were on the grill and perfect, my wife was beautiful as usual, it was a good night.  So why not drink a beer in these settings.

A couple of years ago I was going deer hunting with my dad and on my way out of Dubuque dad called and said bring some of my favorite beer.  I got a four pack of Three Philosophers and a 4 pack of Hennepin and drove it across the state.  We hunted, I didn’t see a damn thing, we each were too exhausted to drink beer all weekend, and I left my $30 of beer with dad.hennepin1He’s an MGD drinker so we hadn’t really talked about beer in any deep sense but he called me about a week later and asked where he could buy it in Sioux City.  He enjoyed them immensely and polished them off rather quickly.  It made me sad, but he paid for the replacement magazine tube for my Nylon 66 as repayment so I won, I think.

I’ve been drinking Three Philosophers at least once year since before that but I never actually got a chance to try Hennepin.  I was buying beer to chill out with a friend a couple weeks ago and as I was searching for something else Hennepin jumped out at me.  I thought about those 8 beers I put in dad’s fridge and never saw again and decided to grab it.

…I also grabbed LandShark because I’m classy like that…

hennepin2I done did screwed up the first time and didn’t read this, so I didn’t realize it had sediment in the bottom.  Needless to say, I took a sip and realized my error.  But I still had three left so I took them home, set them in the fridge, and waited to try them again when I could take the time to actually pour the damn beer correctly.

hennepin3…or mostly correctly.  Just a tad bit of sediment came out but I caught it in time so it didn’t affect the beer noticeably.

Ommegang Hennepin

Appearance: It is a damn beautiful beer.


I got a little bit too much head, which probably means I was pouring too fast for the sediment in the bottom to stay where it belonged.  But look at that beer; it is freaking beautiful.  Just looks like delicious beer.

Scent: Smoke.  Or rather, I went straight to drinking and forgot to smell the beer.  It’s been a few days since I drank it and I’m just now getting time to write this up and it’s a bit early to start drinking on a Monday so I’ll say that all I smelled was smoke from the coals.  Sue me.

Taste: This is what I wrote on my phone the night I drank it:

A bit hoppy, a bit malty, a bit sour, a bit bitter.  It’s also a bit wheaty (sure, that’s a word).  I agree with most of their description (Hearty, Rustic, Golden Ale, Hoppy and Crisp).  I agree with rustic, hoppy, and crisp.  Not sure about hearty; I could drink a few of these, but that isn’t a bad thing.  Overall, it’s a great general beer in my most humble opinion.

I want to explain what I meant by “not hearty.”  When I drink a beer, if I am going to describe it as hearty, I want to feel full afterwards.  You know that Guinness feeling, especially if you haven’t had one before.  Hennepin isn’t that; I didn’t feel full at all after drinking it.  That isn’t to say that it’s lacking in any way – it is full-flavored, with all the goodness that come from a good beer – but it isn’t hearty.  Such an odd description of a beer that isn’t a stout or porter for me.

Quality: I’m struggling to judge on quality for a lot of these beers because I’ve pretty much just done high-end beers.  It’s a quality beer, but I would be surprised if I got a Ommegang beer that wasn’t.  Or rather, sad with what I paid for it.

Drinkability: Once it’s in the glass, I could drink these all night long.  While it’s still in the bottle, I am trepidatious of it.  Pouring any beer that has sediment at the bottom is a challenge, and this is the sort of beer that I would drink multiple off.  It’s almost too drinkable as a beer to have the sediment in the bottom.  That said, changing the process would change the beer, and it is a damn fine beer.

Overall: I am very, very pleased with this beer.  I am still a little bit surprised my dad liked Three Philosophers so much but I get why he liked Hennepin; it really is a great beer.

Unbiased: A.  I’m really not kidding, it is a great beer.

Biased: A+, and A-.  I love this beer…unless it’s still in the bottle, then I just like it a lot.

Ommegang’s page on Hennepin

I love beer.  Simple as that.
– Robby