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jesusSo this post is going to look like a lot of shameless linking but I got curious doing my last post.  How much money did Judas betray Jesus for?

Literal silver coins today first.  I researched (read: Googled for 47 seconds) and found the Wikipedia article on the subject, specifically what type of coins they were.  And I found this forum post that agrees with said Wikipedia article (or regurgitates it).  If we agree with them (which I do), they were half an ounce a piece.  That makes sense; I worked for a coin and bullion store for a period and the 1 ounce coins are the same size as a silver dollar, which is probably about twice the size of a rational coin.  If that is the case, Kitco tells us that the value of the silver was $296.70 if they were each half an ounce.

Actual value second.  Each article says that a silver coin was a days work for a craftsman.  So I found 3 craftsman positions that make sense in today’s world: cabinetmaker, intermediate carpenter, and furniture finisher.  If you follow the links, they make $16/hour, $22/hour, and $21/hour.  If they work 8 hour days, then they make $128, $176, or $168 dollars a day.  Times 30 and that’s $3,840, $5,280, or $5,040.

Jesus’ death was either worth $300 or about $5000. Kind of…saddening as I think about it.

To sermon references that make you sad,
– Robby