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kitchenSomething I know about myself is that I struggle with over-consumption of food.  I would never call myself obese but the BMI would.  I would go so far as to call my relationship with food sinful.

It’s a struggle, and a daily one, and more often than not I fail.  I eat.  A lot.

I wrote this post already and I could tell it was forced because something was bothering me about the whole concept of fried chicken.  I noticed it when Nora found the chicken to be incredibly greasy and I didn’t even notice (I did notice it with the hash browns, but we’ll talk about that).

I grew up on fried chicken; my grandma makes the best home fried chicken of anyone, bar none. Plus the gravy, the whipped potatoes, the butter, and all of that.  And I, still to this day, love fried chicken to an unhealthy degree.  It’s a constant struggle.

So I’m putting this out here as an aside about the temples we call our bodies: I don’t advocate eating this sort of meal regularly.  I bought two package of chicken legs and I decided tonight that the second package is going to be cooked in a way other than fried because I have to.  I can’t do fried chicken twice in one week; I just can’t anymore.  Use that great Reformed moral code: everything in moderation.  Some things just must be moderated more than others.

So I present this cooking expedition in honor of the wise words of Martin Luther: sin boldly.  Or in my head, “If you must make fried chicken, make good fried chicken.”


And after that depressing introduction, I give you picture of unbleached all-purpose flour.  I’ve never been huge into photo blogs or food blogs so I have no idea how many pictures I should take. If I should back it off, please tell me.  I’m running blind here, kids.

Oh, that’s a little less than 1 cup of flour.  A little less because I was lazy and didn’t feel like dipping back into the flour to completely fill the cup.


Ooooo!  Aaaah!  Flour with stuff (and the paper from the chicken).  What I will say is this: the counter is clean.  The “Tiny Kitchen” part of this blog’s title isn’t metaphorical or an exaggeration to make a cute title; the kitchen is really freaking tiny.  If every dish isn’t cleaned, they either need to be in way in the sing or in the way on the counter.  We did dishes, so you get a clean picture.

The stuff: 1 1/2 tablespoons curry powder, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon salt.  The curry powder and black pepper could probably be increased a bit but this gave it a good, subtle flavor. And I’ve learned you can over-do it and kill the chicken with this stuff so make adjustments small.


And flour with stuff mixed in.  If you do this sort of thing regularly and have one, use a sifter.  If not, use your hand.  I used a fork and it was way harder than it should have been.  Like, it took a solid minute to get it to mix properly.  Ridiculous.

A lesson for future: this will make at least 10 chicken legs.  The entire damn recipe can be reduced by about half if you are making 4 legs like I did.


Chicken legs coated in whisked milk/eggs and dredged in the flour mixture.  4 legs.  2 people. Math works out.  LIke I said above, the flour would have made a lot more, as would the egg (though whisking half an egg and having the other half be useful is pretty tough…).


That, kids, is lard.  I’m a huge fan of “Fat over Fake” when it comes to lard versus Crisco but both are actually going to kill you.  So I will say that I like using lard better and I think it makes the breading crisper but both work.  As does vegetable oil.  Fried foods, though, will kill you.  So cut them down.  A lot.


Hash browns with green onions.  Best.  Decision.  Ever…..or just today but still a pretty good decision.

Now the logical part of my brain told me, “Chicken in the bigger (black) pan.”


The “idiot who just does without a thought to consequences or rationale” part of me completely ignored that just started putting chicken in the green pan.  It just barely fit.  It was fine, but more room would have been helpful.


A good picture to describe how I cook chicken legs.

Imagine, if you will, that the chicken legs were from Minecraft and they are square.  Each side should touch the cooking surface for an equal amount of time.  I go 7 minutes a side and then I have fried chicken.  One of the few non-baking items that I time but it hasn’t let me down yet so I keep doing it.


When I flipped the hash browns, I noticed they were not rigid like they should have been.  It didn’t crisp up like it should have.  I don’t know if this was due to the heat not being high enough (definitely possible as I put them in too soon and had to turn it down) or it being lard and not vegetable oil and butter but they were soggy and greasy.  Still delicious but not quite the quality I got last night.


Sin boldly, I guess.

Curry Fried Chicken
1 Cup Flour
1 1/2 Tablespoons Curry Powder (or to taste)
1 teaspoon Black Pepper (or to taste)
1/2 Teaspoon Salt (or to taste, but this is usually salty enough)
1/2 Cup Milk
1 Egg
Chicken Legs
Lard/Crisco/Vegetable Oil

1. Heat Lard/Crisco/Oil over medium heat.
2. Sift dry ingredients together.
3. Whisk milk and egg together.
4. Coat chicken legs with egg wash and dredge in flour mix.
5. Cook chicken in heated oil 25-30 minutes, at least on two sides.

To food that is sinful yet delicious and tears of guilt in craft beer,
– Robby