Camera 360Just need to add this somewhere.  You’ll notice I have two other blogs on this account.  They both had/have a purpose in life, but that purpose is kind of waned beyond being useful on their own.  As a result, I will slowly merge some of the content from those blogs into this one, eventually resulting in one big blog and two blogs disappearing.

As I’ve come to realize over time, each blog that I’ve started (including my throw-away, anonymous one) has marked a part of my life, an evolution of Robby if you will.  Each has things that I still like and stuff that I’m really “Eh…” about.  So as this blogs, I’ll have throwbacks and such to previous evolutions of Robby.  Previous forms, previous thought processes, just different stuff.

So yeah, look forward to that.  Or don’t.

Now here, enjoy this oft-reposted GIF of a motorcyclist rescuing someone in a scooter from the front page of reddit:


– Robby